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Meetings are being held at Acosta Sales & Marketing,
6870 Koll Centre Plaza Parkway,
Pleasanton, CA – 925-600-3500

Message from Mike Munoz, President 2015

The NFBA, Northern California Food Brokers Association, is a nonprofit organization comprising of Sales and Marketing companies in Northern California. With 105 years of History we are the oldest and Strongest Broker association in U.S. existence. Our goal is to promote good trade relations, to establish closer relationship among all reputable food brokers and raise money for our scholarships awarded at our annual Holiday luncheon. By participating in our Casino Night, A’s /Giants Game, Golf outing and Speaking events, brings us all closer to meeting the goals of our association.

Thank you, I look forward to an exciting 2015.


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Scholarship Winners

2014 Scholarship Winners and their families


2014 Gablehouse Winner

Angelina Lombardi
Dominican University of California
Major:  Psychology
Broker Affiliation:
Kathy Lombardi Co-Sales

Elena Macias Foundation
The Elena Macias Foundation is dedicated to helping the disadvantaged youth of Agua Verde, Mexico by providing basic necessities like running water and shoes and a chance to expand horizons with continued education. A huge part of what the Foundation does is match bright young students with a sponsor family in the US that will help the student continue with their academic endeavors.

In Mexico, no money means no school (they only go through 6th grade for free). The Foundation has established a scholarship program to ensure that economic standing doesn't impact a student's academic future. Every year we get more and more scholarship applications for well deserving students who need help and so I'd like to reach out to each of you as an opportunity for you to help.

To sponsor a student, we'll need a photo of you (or your better looking family) and a $225 sponsorship donation which pays for the following:

Tuition for the school year - Two (2) School Uniforms–Two (2) pairs of shoes for uniform (one pair given in August and one pair in February) - Two (2) pairs of tennis shoes (Jr High kids only) - A year's worth of school supplies which includes a back pack, calculator, notebooks, pens/pencils, math set and other misc. items) a second installment of notebooks, pens and pencils is given in February.

All students eligible for sponsorship must meet specific requirements for academic excellence and community service. A list of eligible students is provided (with a short description of family situation) for those of you wishing to select the student for yourself. In return for sponsorship donation, sponsors will receive a letter and photo from their student and the undying gratitude of a group of volunteers that do this charity out of the goodness of their hearts.


2013-2014 Academic Cycle

The Elena Macias Foundation wants to thank the NCASMC organization for your continuing support.  This year we received $450 in donations from your solicitation and your organization matched the donation for a total of $900.

Below are the pictures of the four kids your organization  has sponsored since 2009. In addition, the Wickman  family has sponsored one student since 2009 with a yearly donation of $225.

Monica Brayan Alfredo Adderly

Monica Asicena
Aguilar Osuna
University Junior
Accounting Major

Brayan Armando
Cardona Medina
High School Junior

Alfredo Gonzalez
Franco – 10th grade

Adderly Valeria
Garcia Burgueno
High School Junior

Becoming a sponsor:

1. Email Gwen Matsu at with the name of the child you would like to sponsor
2. Payment can be provided In the form of a check (Payable to Elena Macias Foundation
c/o Gloria Purcell, 2307 Harewood Drive, Livermore, CA 94551 - Via Paypal/Credit Card payment at our website here under the Academic Sponsor item.

The Elena Macias Foundation is a full-fledged non-profit and all donations are tax deductible.

If you would like to learn more about the foundation please visit our website at:

Appreciate your consideration.
Gloria Purcell, President of The Elena Macias Foundation

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